Let's Learn About Bees!

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Watch this video about honey bees!

Left to right: worker, queen and drone.

Worker, Queen and Drone
Worker, Queen and Drone

Note all three have six legs and four wings.

Queen Bee = Her job is to lay eggs and will lay up to 600,000 eggs during this time.
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Worker Bee = Her main job is to keep the beehive running by the many jobs she will perform; cleaning, collecting pollen, taking care of the queen.
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Drone Bee = The Drone is a stingless male bee, shorter than the queen but larger than the worker bee. Drones are easily recognizable with their fat stumpy bodies and big eyes. One is shown in the middle of the photo.
The Drone Bee is fat and stubby
The Drone Bee is fat and stubby

Bee Body Parts
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Click here to print a Bee Body Part Label sheet:

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